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How To Find Data

Finding a needle in a haystack can be difficult - unless you have the right tool. Datatific Review has a unique feature for marking data patterns in a table so they are easy to see.  You specify what to find and Datatific Review will mark every cell that matches that pattern.  The results standout very clearly.  You can define your data search using regular expressions to give you even more power for finding data. No matter what the data source - Access, Excel, Oracle, SQL Server - finding data and marking it is easy with Datatific Review.

For example, imagine a data haystack with a few needles as shown below.

Data Haystack

The Datatific Review Find feature can quickly mark the data so the needles are easy to see.

Needle in a Haystack

To make it even easier to work with, you can filter the data so you only see the rows with the search criteria.

Filtered Needles

The basic steps for finding and marking data are:

  1. Select the table or view to search
  2. Select the Find feature
  3. Enter the search criteria
  4. Execute the search
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How-To Details

To use the Find Data feature, open Datatific Review and a data source, and follow the steps below.

Select the Table

After connecting to the data source, use the Data Source left sidebar to expand the Table or View folder and select the data to view.

Select Haystack Table

Select the Find Feature

At the bottom of the Data Source left sidebar, click the Find button to open the Find feature.

Select Find Feature

Enter Search Criteria

In the Find panel, enter the search criteria and select the desired options such as whether to search a single column or the entire table or whether to wrap the search to the top. These options are useful when marking data.

Note that the search criteria uses regular expressions (not needed for simple searches). In the example below, the search criteria small|tiny needle means find all data that contains either small needle or tiny needle. Other useful characters are ^ (caret) for matching the starting position of the string or $ (dollar) for matching the ending position of the string.

Enter Search Criteria

Execute Search

Click the Mark All button to execute the search and mark the data. Data will be marked with the background color specified.

Mark Data

Click the Filter button to filter out the rows that do not meet the search criteria.

Mark Data

Refer to the Datatific Review Users Guide for more details on using the Find feature.

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