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How To Compare Two Columns Using Expressions

Comparing two columns is easy in Datatific Review.   Using the Expressions feature, you can compare the values in two columns and display the result. For example, two columns could be compared to determine inequality as illustrated below.

Original Data      Data with Comparison Expression
Compare Column Data Compare Column Data

The basic steps for comparing two columns are:

  1. Select the table or view to compare columns
  2. Select the Expression feature
  3. Enter the expression specification
  4. View the results
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How-To Details

To compare two columns, open Datatific Review and a data source, and follow the steps below.

Select the Table

After connecting to the data source, use the Data Source left sidebar to expand the Table or View folder and select the table or view with the columns to compare.

Select Table

Select the Expression Feature

At the bottom of the Data Source left sidebar, click the Expression button to open the Expression feature.

Select Expression Feature

Enter Expression Specification

In the Expression panel, click Add New Expression on the toolbar.

Add New Expression

Enter the expression specification: name, data type and specification. When comparing two columns, use the If..Then function to determine equality and specify what to display for each the cases of true and false. For example, you can display the word Unequal if the columns are unequal and leave null if the columns are equal.  Similarly, if checking for duplicates you can display the word Dup to indicate duplicates. The specification is open to whatever you want.

Expression Specification

Enable the expression by clicking the checkbox to the left of the expression name.

Enable Expression

View Results

The expression column appears at the end of the table with the data specified.  In the example used, the word Unequal is displayed when the two column values are not equal.

Expression Results

Use the Datatific Review filtering tools if you want to filter data using the expression results. For example, you could filter only on Unequal results.

Expression Filter

The filter will only display rows where the columns are unequal.

Mark Data

Refer to the Datatific Review Users Guide for more details on using the Expression feature.

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